Brayden Smith Brayden Smith

First post: Jan 1, 2022 Latest post: Jan 8, 2022

On Monday December 27 late in the evening Brayden was a victim of a violent crime causing damage to his organs with internal bleeding. They did exploratory surgery in which they had to remove part of his large intestines and stint his right ureter. He has an NG tube in because his stomach was distended after the first 48 hours with the large intestinal swelling. He has a large incision down his stomach with unbearable pain. We do not know have a discharge date and do not know how long recovery is and when he will be able to play football again. 
We are asking for prayers for his pain, his lack of sleep, our lack of sleep, strength, knowledge and wisdom from doctors and nurses to treat him, and of course ultimate healing! 
Thank you in advance from our family and Brayden for your prayers, love, support, hot meals, donations, etc. 
Brian and I will be out of work for an unknown amount of time to care for him 24/7. Anything helps and is appreciated. 🙏🏼❤️