Brandi Delbridge Acker

First post: Jul 8, 2019 Latest post: Nov 18, 2020

On the morning of Tuesday, June, 18, 2019 I went to work as usual, knowing I needed to call my GP and see why I was having such horrible abdominal pains. The pain had been going on for a little over a week, but seemed to have gotten worse and had started making my breathing a little off. I couldn’t take deep breaths without having shooting pain right at the top of my stomach under my ribs on my right side.  My GP immediately thought I might be having issues with my gall bladder and admitted me to DCH Hospital. It began with a CT scan and ultrasound of my abdominal area. They found out that my liver was enlarged but didn’t know why.  They called it a "lumpy liver".  A biopsy of my liver was done and on June 22, my sweet angel GI doctor came to my room and told me I had liver cancer. My liver was doubled in size and covered in metastatic small cell carcinoma. Metastatic means it can move within the body to other organs. They explained that my liver looked like Swiss cheese and is completely covered in lesions.  They put me on morphine and anti nausea medications around the clock. As for now, the doctors will continue tests and keep looking for a source. They believe that liver cancer always has a source, beings somewhere else and goes to the liver but as of now, we have no source. There is no cure, the word they used is Lifelong. I will start chemo treatments that will consist of 3 days worth of outpatient treatment, what 21 days and do 3 more days until I have had 6 rounds. The doctors will retest after so many treatments so see how much progress has been made. One of my oncologists, Dr. Bostick says we will hope and pray we see nothing on the next sets of tests.