Brad Reyes

First post: Sep 1, 2020 Latest post: Feb 21, 2022
Thank you for visiting Brad's Caring Bridge page, where we’ll keep you all informed on what is happening with Brad's treatment and recovery from squamous cell carcinoma of the pharynx (throat cancer), which was diagnosed in early August 2020. Brad has an outstanding medical team in place, and though treatment will be very challenging, the curability of this type of cancer is high. 

We are deeply grateful for all of the individual messages of support and concern we have received thus far, and we're definitely going to need your continued encouragement, prayers, and positivity as we go forward.  Because Brad and Rachel are laser-focused on his treatment and recovery, it's become difficult to respond individually to each message as it comes in, so we’ll use this site to consolidate all communication in one place. Please know that all of your messages are welcome and appreciated!


Many of you have asked how you can help. As we head into the radiation and chemo treatment phase starting September 21 through November 6, we'll use the "PLANNER" tab of the website for practical help (i.e., scheduling rides to and from appointments, etc.) that will be needed locally in Santa Fe. 

Brad has been advised by his medical team—and a survivor who has undergone this particular treatment—that he will likely be unable to work again until at least February 2021. That is a 6 month loss of income. This, coupled with Brad’s inability to work in the film industry since March 2020 due to Covid-19 production delays, has put him on precarious economic footing, at a time when he needs the strongest foundation.

Fortunately, Brad has health insurance through the motion picture industry through May 2021 which will cover the staggering costs of his core care. However, there are many aspects of his treatment that will not be covered, including:

— Medications to combat nausea and neuropathy from chemo and control the throat pain from radiation

— Top-quality organic groceries (beyond what Brad & Rachel normally buy) for soups and purées that he will be able to swallow

— Weight gain powders and dietary supplements for high calorie shakes to prevent extreme weight loss and avoid the need for a gastric feeding tube.

— Acupuncture treatments to alleviate radiation-induced throat pain

— Massage therapy to treat radiation fibrosis (scarring of neck & jaw muscles) and lymphedema

— Special rinses to minimize damage to his teeth from mineral loss caused by radiation

—Psychological counseling for both Brad and Rachel. She is Brad’s primary caregiver during this time and needs all the support she can get to face this challenge.

As Brad and Rachel’s precious “Village” we can all contribute to his recovery by minimizing as much of the financial strain as possible. None of us can change this diagnosis. None of us can go through this difficult treatment for Brad, or make it go any faster. Because of Covid-19, even close family members cannot be present to provide hands-on help. But we can help—PROFOUNDLY—by taking some of these economic concerns off their plate. We have created a GoFundMe campaign called "Brad's Cancer Recovery Fund" and it can be found in the "WAYS TO HELP" tab in the menu bar.

Our family is deeply grateful for your prayers, love, and contributions, of any size. Together, we can help Brad and Rachel through this extraordinary challenge, in this extraordinary time.

Thank you.