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Bonnie Krupa

First post: Jan 5, 2020 Latest post: Dec 10, 2020

Bonnie Oliver Krupa is in dire straits in an international hospital in Cairo, Egypt where she and her husband, Skip Krupa, have lived for over 23 years. Bonnie has not been feeling well for several months and was planning to come to the United States on January 6, 2010 for their semi-annual visit.  They called Mishel, our daughter, to let her know they were going to be delayed since Bonnie had to be admitted to the hospital with advanced stages of a virus.  The mystery virus has not been identified as of now and a bone biopsy is planned for 1/5/2020. There are serious complications since gangrene has set in her mouth and face and the biopsy is to investigate if it has infected her blood. Her vitals were in jeopardy and the hospital staff advised Skip that her body functions were shutting down. Skip is devastated and relays that he is grateful for continued prayer.  I talked personally with both Bonnie and Skip early on Saturday morning and our son, Ted, reached him as he was leaving the hospital for a rest and to wait for the test results. 
Due to the vast number of inquires about our precious Bonnie, please check this site for updates as well as feel free to leave a message of support.
Romans 8:28 PK
Update from Amy Widener
Good morning friends. Well first of praise God Bonnie made it through the night and is awake, coherent and properly medicated so she isn't in pain. I talked with her briefly and let her know she is being loved and supported literally all around the world. I spoke with Skip this morning as well. He slept well and is heading to hospital but can't see her until 1 pm. He will give me an update and I will pass it onto you. Again for clarity the battle is on 2 fronts. There is the surface problem of the virus and its consequences (gangrene in particular) and then the underlying issue of the low white blood cell count. They did a bone marrow biopsy trying to determine if Leukemia might be the underlying issue. At this point that has NOT been established. Skip is reading your texts but simply cannot answer everyone he is most thankful and encouraged by the love. So keep praying and I promise when I know something I will pass it on.