Bonnie Chisum (Mariconda)

I have had severe brain issues that seem to be confused with a need for psych or addiction treatment. I had a brain scan that showed biological origin but unclear diagnosis. Layperson have caused me and my family to be hounded and harassed. I have been to the ER with seizures and stroke like symptoms that do not make sense. To have “friends” tell me with certainty that I’m drunk or psychotic and lying are cruel. They want to probe and force me to reveal my medical history. They think I should “turn myself in” when I went to ER they disregarded my Nuclear Medical Expert who scanned me and a world class Neuro Psych doc. I am choosing private doctors off insurance. They are furious that the public system criminalized PTSD and TBI erratic behavior. For safety I am shutting down communication and separating from my husband until people STOP harassing and pelting him with non medical advice and disallowing my HIPA right to privacy. Telling me TBI and PTSD are “imaginary” thinking slamming my head in a seizure and worried I will die by the wrong hit is “not a seizure” that “did not happen”.