Bill Richeson

First post: Oct 20, 2020 Latest post: Jan 15, 2022
Welcome to the tribe of Bill Richeson.  We have created this page for you, Bill's wonderful friends and family, to follow along on his healing journey.  As many of you have probably heard, Bill was recently diagnosed with Peritoneal Sarcoma.  Over the last few weeks, he experienced some mild pain and discomfort, thinking it was a muscular issue.  As time went on other symptoms presented and on Monday, October 5th, a CT scan presented the diagnosis.  The tumor is very large....we've heard it described as big as a football, and/or weighing potentially 15 lbs.  Unfortunately, this is typical for soft-tissue sarcomas as they often don't present until they've grown very large. 

Bill was immediately referred to Dr. William Polk, an oncology surgeon at Centennial Hospital in Nashville. Dr. Polk is the leading Nashville expert in this disease and we're all so grateful that he is leading the charge.  Bill is in the very best hands.  

Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, October 20 at Sarah Cannon Cancer Center in Nashville, where he will remain hospitalized for several days post-op.  The preliminary prognosis for surgery will be removal of the tumor, and possibly one kidney, part of the small intestine, and potentially a small portion of the liver.  Of course, we won't know for sure about these details until the surgeon can make a visual decision on the 20th.  But we know Dr. Polk will do whatever is called for to assure the very best outcome for Bill.  Our faith in the surgical team is high and we know Bill will prevail and beat down this beast.  If you know and love Bill like we do, then you know he's strong, determined, and could slay the fiercest we know who will win this battle.  😁 

Unfortunately, in this year of 2020, we cannot write about illness without addressing Covid.  As you can imagine, Sarah Cannon has to be extremely cautious given their mission.  As such, Bill will only be allowed one designated person to visit him while in the hospital.  It's frustrating for sure, but we are embracing this hospital policy to protect their patients and staff from Covid.  It's definitely worth the sacrifice.  On the same note, while we realize that many will want to visit Bill after discharge, caution will be imperative.  We can't risk any unintentional exposure to the virus, thus only a small group of us will be primary caregivers.  Our small bubble of caregivers will be regularly tested so that we know it's safe for us to be with Bill.  

Our love and gratitude goes out to David Gant, for being Bill's point person and constantly by his side over these last few days.  David will keep me updated and in turn, I will update Caring Bridge.  

Thank you all.  Please continue to lift Bill in your prayers.  We already feel your support....and it feels good.