Biff Hegland

Biff is a Dog.  He has lived an exciting life of 12+ years in which he was shot as a puppy in a fighting kennel, dumped with a bullet in his  front left leg,, got emergency amputated at the elbow, went to foster care, then got adopted (by me!) , subsequently had an amputation correction removing the rest of the leg and shoulder, later had a parathyroid removed, and later still had baseball stuffing surgically removed from his belly.  All the while he has had rheumatoid arthritis and a very tender tummy.  Despite all this Biff is a peach with a heart as big as all outdoors.  He will happily hop anywhere if he's able.  He could probably benefit from a hip replacement but I don't want to put him through yet another surgery.  Anyway I set this page up because I have an account here because someone else used my email when they posted.  So, hello.