Barbara Keener

First post: Jul 27, 2021 Latest post: Feb 2, 2022
I’ve been informed that I need to share my moms backstory and what she’s battling. Here’s her story. 

My mom is a recovering alcoholic and drugs of 35 years and she stopped smoking in 2008. This is important to know because before we left for our yearly vacation in 2017 she was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver due to her alcoholism years before. When we returned from our vacation in 2017 she was having some other health problems and she ended up hospitalized. While in the hospital they did an X-ray and found a spot in her left lung and said she had pneumonia. They treated her for pneumonia and that wasn’t it. After some tests and a biopsy we found out she has lung cancer. We met with the oncologist and she started chemo and radiation. First round of chemo she ended up in the hospital that night. Second round of chemo she had no side effects at all. Third round of chemo she ended up in ICU for 9 days almost dying. Chemo was stopped. She continued radiation and they started immunotherapy. Immunotherapy has been working wonders on her lung cancer. 
A few months ago she was bleeding from her colon. They went in and did some biopsies and found she has lymphoma now. Very uncommon for lymphoma to present in your colon. She has a very aggressive lymphoma and so they put the lung cancer on the back burner and are very focused on the lymphoma. Again chemo is not her friend. She’s ended up in the hospital from her chemo. She’s also in kidney failure, liver failure, she has COPD and emphysema and she’s diabetic who is on 2 different types of insulin twice a day. They have a hard time treating her because she has so many things wrong. She has no appetite. She has constant pain in her stomach. Her right lung is continuously filling with fluid which collapses her lung. She has a standing order to get the fluid drained but every time she has to get a COVID test first and wait 2-3 days before she gets it done. She’s on oxygen full time. She’s on a ton of medication. She is having chemo again on August 3rd because she wants to. She’s a fighter and she always wants to feel like she’s fighting. She won’t go knowing she wasn’t fighting. I’m her only child so myself and my kids take care of her. When I’m at work they step in and always help. Her grandbabies and her great grandbabies and me are her everything. Those who know my mom know she always has been a fighter and this battle she’s battling, never battling alone, she will do this her way and that’s the way it should be whether people agree with it or not. She needs to do this her way. Thank you always for the prayers, love, donations, kind words, hugs, support!! It all means the world to us!! ❤️❤️