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First post: Sep 24, 2019 Latest post: Sep 26, 2019
Welcome to Avery’s site. She has no idea I am doing this but after much thought and prayer I was led here. As some of you know I have taken care of Avery throughout this 8 year ordeal of seizures, hospitals, doctors and not much help. Only in the past two years we have started to see some big strides in the world of neuroscience. It is with a very heavy and painful heart that I have committed to move to Florida in December to care for my parents and begin a new chapter of my life. What this leaves is a mom sized hole and I am going to need some of her best friends as well as some of my best friends to come in and fill this hole for Avery. Right now Avery is All In with her care. She is committed and giving 100% to get better. It’s not going to be quick or overnight. She will have good days and bad days but together we can walk through that with her. We are going to need people who can check in on her everyday, most of the time Avery knows if she doesn’t feel right. We need some people to be on call through her seizure watch.  I am trying to set her up with a pharmacy that delivers so that shouldn’t be an issue but it might come up. If she is having a really tough week and needs complete rest, please help her find care for Lina. Make sure she is taking her meds correctly.  None of this is set in stone, it’s just some ideas I had when asked to write this.  Could be meals one week if Ave is in the hospital and Justin and Lina are t eating. You will know as you get to know this beautiful little family. I thought as I got names coming in from people who wanted to help and as I sat down with Avery we could iron out some definite things that have to be done and others that don’t. I’m open and I won’t be here so hopefully you will find your groove!