Annette Roat

First post: Nov 29, 2018
Hi Everyone!
Recently about a month ago my mom was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. We have a lot of friends and family asking us about how she is feeling, and what is going on treatment wise, so mom and I decided to make a page on this website so I can update everyone on what is going on in her life. 
She will be doing chemo every 3 weeks for 6 months to kill the cancer cells in her breast. They will be giving the chemo to her through a port in her chest for easier access. The port is on the opposite side of the breast with the cancer in it. She is doing 3 different types of chemo, for each treatment. As we all know the chemo is supposed to make her pretty sick, so we are trying to do all of them near the end of the week, because she really wants to work. I will be updating this as much as I possibly can with any new information. Feel free to text or call me at 715-520-0155 with any questions or concerns about what is going on! 
Thanks so much for your well wishes and concerns - If you want to post something for mom to read go to the "WELL WISHES" tab and you can post it there.
Courtney Roat