Annette Marie Payne

First post: Nov 12, 2013 Latest post: May 17, 2019
Hello to everyone.  Annette and I decided to utilize this site to help with passing along information in a timely manner to all our wonderful friends and relatives.  Thanks very much to Rhonda Costa for making us aware of it.  This will save us from having to send separate notes/texts, etc. individually, and keep us from omitting anyone. 

As you probably already know, Doctors discovered a tumor on Annette's right lung more or less by accident while she was being treated for a separate issue.  After a PET scan and biopsies, we have been given a diagnosis of Stage 3A Lung Cancer.  A very tough disease, but Annette is strong, determined, and ready to fight.  She's a Jersey girl at heart and she's never shyed away from a fight.  Both Annette and I are determined to keep a positive attitude and to fight this with all our might.  We will of course need all your help, encouragement, prayers, and positive energy in the months to come.