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First post: Sep 21, 2018
 hello  to all 

   Hi! My name is Anna. I have R.S.D in my left leg from my knee bowl and my left hole arm. and also autism and F.M. and arthritis in both of my knees both hips and my back. OK now that you all know what I have where to? begin   Let's begin with  the R.S.D. 13 years  ago. I spring my left ankle real Real bad, And It Never Got Better As A Matter  of  fact it got worse. I what though every test that you can think of to find out why it not getting better, will I was send down to st. Christopher hospital for children in Philadelphia pa. And a wonderful Dr. say that I had something called R.S.D. and that there is no cure for it. But it can go into remission. I Had to do a lot of p.t and I was not allow to go to school (that part I did not mind at all!😉☺) and I caused not walk on it from the very beginning . At that time it was just in my left foot and ankle. With a lot of hard  times  and a lot of bad days  it did go into remission . But not for long thought out the years it have come and gone. and have move to from just my left ankle and foot  to my right ankle  and foot but that foot and NJ let have it one time and blame in remission Sinise So That Good But It Also Move To My ARMS  it been in my right arm a few time and in my left arm. And every time it come back It takes longer  and longer to go back into remission and the worse it gets. About 2 years ago I fall and hurt my left elbow  spring it, with in a few days I had the r.s.d back in the arm, and it still there. The Dr's think it not going to go away this time and I can't  move it at all,it also as of right now back in my left  leg  from  the knees down I Had To Get A Surgery a year and a half ago to fix something  in my ankle that what good, but after that my foot  and ankle begin  to give out. Mt foot  and ankle Dropped  and also become club. So with in a year Time I Had 4 Surgery on it. After the 2nd one is when the r.s.d come back into my foot and  Ankle and after this last one it spread  up my leg to my knee, as we can till now it not in my knee but we not sure yet.  
Hello  all.

     As I said  last night  I will continue  to share  what I have and how I doing, 

    Fist I will give more information  about the R.S.D   you can get it any way. Paper cut or Surgery  or spread  or broken  bones  any way what R.S.D  is is when you have a injury  that injury  did not heal it get worse, and you can get it any where in you body   and it can spread  and more then likely  it will. So I got it setpm. Of 2003 and still have  it. 

    Now with R.S.D   if you have rsd  you more then likely  will get F.M and as in my case  I got F.M I was dx. With it about a year to year a half  ago. and just about the same  time I got dx. To with arthritis  in my back, both hips and both knees. There really nothing they can do with the F.M. cause a lot of the stuff they did and are doing for the R.S.D   they do for F.M. and as for the arthritis   I just deal with it cause there really nothing they can do for it. S

         OK so let's move on to the austim. I am 24 years  old  and I was dx with austim  when I was 23 years  old. That is old for beging dx with austim. I was not dx with as a kid because I also have a issues  with  my  plate  so I did not talk cause of that and that along hid the austim  and because of it no one was looking or thing about autism .

      But I had all the signs  of  it. When I can walk I walk on my tiptoes and I did begin saying a few words but then stop.  And I never give eye contact. And I do not At all like  change. 

     So that about all of it. I will do a other update  in a few days . To then