Ann Little

First post: Oct 17, 2018 Latest post: Jun 5, 2019
Ann is currently fighting brain cancer and we've started this site to keep Ann's friends and family updated on Ann's condition.

On September 20th, 2018, Ann visited the Maple Grove hospital after she was unable to draw while trying to teach perspective to seniors in an art class. Doctors discovered a tennis ball sized tumor in the back part of Ann's brain. On September 21st, Ann had surgery to remove the tumor, but doctors were unable to remove it entirely and she now faces a difficult path forward with radiation and chemo therapy. Ann's doctors have been clear that there is no cure for this type of brain cancer and have given Ann about 2 years to live. We are asking all of you for your prayers and to shower Ann with love and support while she fights this so that she can spend as much time as possible with her friends, family and grandchildren before God takes her into his care.

Ann had surgery at North Memorial Hospital, although the surgeons weren't able to remove all of the tumor, it was largely a success.  Ann is back at home.  She is receiving continuing treatment and is doing very well. 

Visitors are very appreciated, arrange a visit through Rick at (763) 245-7325 or Steve (612) 590-4010.

We will continue to keep everyone up-to-date on Ann's condition as she enters the next phase of her battle with cancer.