Anjolie De La Rosa

AnJolie just turned 15, she's just as beautiful inside as she is outside, she loves her family & friends, and lights up every room she enters. She recently had a seizure and was rushed to the emergency room. After the Doctor's ran tests, the results came back that she had a golf ball sized tumor on her brain. She was transferred to All Children's Hospital where they performed a 6 hour surgery to remove it. They were able to remove half of it due to the size and how tough it is. In a few days, she will have the same surgery in hopes of removing the other half. Anjolie is in such positive spirits with the amazing support of her mother Nathalia, and her family & friends who have been praying non stop and showing their love. Nathalia (her mother) has been out of work, juggling also caring for her two other children Julian & Jadalin. As Nathalia has only asked for continued prayers for her baby, her family also asks for that, and if anyone has even $5 to spare, we know it will be of such help so that her mother can continue to focus on her daughter getting well again so she can continue the life every child deserves. But most importantly, please pray for this precious girl. God Bless