Aniruddha Nazre - Entrepreneur and Investor Aniruddha Nazre

First post: Jan 8, 2020 Latest post: Jan 10, 2020
Aniruddha Nazre - CSO and EVP Digital Media Services Reliance Industries Pvt Ltd.
Aniruddha Nazre is an Entrepreneur and Investor. Aniruddha Nazre has Worldwide 20+ years of experience in operating and investing. Aniruddha Nazre did the investment in software, telecom, media, and healthcare. Aniruddha Nazre helps entrepreneurs for growing their business. He has been a successful early-stage investor. Aniruddha Nazre is from Pune, he completed his degree with a gold medal from CEOP College. He completed his doctorate in Germany. Aniruddha Nazre also works with Kleiner Perkins Caufield from 2003 to 2011. currently, Aniruddha Nazre has been working as EVP and CSO in Reliance Industries Pvt Ltd.