Andee Gaffin

Five weeks ago, our Mom was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer. She was feeling under the weather, had shortness of breath and just didn’t feel right but we thought it was something with her heart or her Type 2 Diabetes. We shortly found out that she was feeling the shortness of breath and light headedness due to Anemia which then led to this completely unexpected diagnosis of Cancer. Luckily, we went for a 2nd opinion at Penn and have decided to do all of her tests and treatment there. Penn determined the cancer has originated in her colon, and has traveled to her liver. Yesterday she started her first round of Chemo to attack the cancer in her liver and colon as aggressively as possible. Our hope is during the next two months of chemo the tumors in her liver will shrink enough to surgically remove as much of the infected liver as possible. Fun fact: the liver can regrow itself! At this point we will continue chemo every two weeks for two months. At the end of the two months we will hopefully know more about the next step of treatment...We are sharing this information because we know she could use all of the support in prayers, love, messages, texts, phone calls and visits that she can get♥️ PS: Lately, she has been painting her way through those Paint By Numbers kits and is a professional! So if anyone is up to some painting, we know she would love that! Mommy, we love you and we are going to fight through this the only way we know how, together!

We will be using this website to keep everyone up to date with Andee's journey. We know that she could use (and appreciate) all of the support, prayers, love and text messages that she could get, so please feel free to reach out to her along the way, using this site, specifically the Well Wishes tab on the home page. 

Andee is a strong, badass fighter, and we know that she will get through this. 

Heather, Katie, Jordan, Danny