Allan Sosnoski

First post: Jul 19, 2019 Latest post: Aug 15, 2019
On Saturday, July 6th @ approximately 2:00 P.M. Allan experienced a motorcycle accident.  He was traveling alone and was headed South on Hwy. M in the town of Larsen.  It appears he navigated a slight curve and possibly got wide coming out of it and got into the shoulder and crashed.  

Thankfully, at least 2 residents heard it and rushed to be with him until help arrived.  Initially, Al was semi-conscious and was trying to move, but the angels tending to him kept him still and quiet.  Initial reports at the scene indicated that his injuries were serious but not critical, and he knew his name when paramedics arrived.  At the hospital, he was diagnosed with multiple skull fractures, several broken ribs, facial lacerations, as well as bleeding and swelling of the brain, so the decision was made to place him in an induced coma so he would be at complete rest and the brain could heal as it needed to.  

He’s remained stable overall despite fluctuating brain pressure over the past week (not uncommon in situations like this).  They kept him heavily sedated (including paralytic meds), on a ventilator through Thursday, July 11th when they began the process of waking him.  They stopped all paralytic medications Thursday morning and all sedation medications Friday morning.  Because Al’s a big guy, it took him until later Friday afternoon, but he opened his eyes briefly!  He was able to gently squeeze a nurse’s hand and move his left leg slightly on command!  VERY encouraging, but everyone knows Al’s tough as nails and will fight as hard as he can through this!  Even those “little” things are VERY big things for him right now.  Because they want to navigate slowly and steadily, they re-sedated him for the weekend so he could continue to heal under complete rest.  During this time, strict orders for NO stimulation continued as he can’t heal unless he’s calm.  This has been difficult for those who love him, especially his beautiful family, but they know Doctor knows best!  

Over the weekend, Al developed pneumonia.  This is unfortunate and scary, but not uncommon in this type of situation.  They started him on 2 different antibiotics and tests done today show it has not gotten any worse, thank goodness!  They are keeping him sedated so his body can continue to fight it off & heal at rest.  Although sedated, he is somewhat responsive when his name is called (he’s sedated, but not under paralytics, so he may respond through movements)!  They removed the huge, uncomfortable neck brace today!  They are confident he doesn’t have further injuries which would require him to wear it.  His blood and brain pressures have stabilized to more comfortable levels over the weekend!  On Thursday, Dr. Wasco will operate to put a tracheotomy in to make him more comfortable.  People on breathing tubes (aka ventilators) are unfortunately more susceptible to pneumonia, so the tracheotomy should help minimize that risk, help them better treat it, and be overall more comfortable for Al.  During that same surgery, Dr. Wasco will also be putting in a feeding tube.  This will help Al receive nutrition more effectively as he progresses.  Dr. Wasco feels Al has a good chance of coming through this, and all of this will be helpful for the long journey.  

Al is NOT on life support!  He is on a vent because he is heavily sedated so he may heal.  There is a difference between the 2.  He will remain in ICU with no visitors for the time being.  He has the best neuro team, Doctors Wascher and Greene., and Dr. Wasco is an amazing gastrointestinal surgeon!  They and the ICU staff are caring for him impeccably.  Big Al likely faces a long road to recovery, and no one knows at this time what that will look like, but everyone is VERY encouraged that he will fight through this like a champ!  Al is a father to 2 beautiful daughters, a grandfather to 4 amazing grandchildren, a brother to 8 loving siblings, a successful and very generous business owner, and a treasured and beloved friend to MANY!  Keep the thoughts and prayers coming for Al, his family and his care team!  

To allow his family to concentrate on Al and keeping life moving, all updates going forward will be posted on this site.  Please leave your well wishes, stories, thoughts, prayers, etc. for the family to read and ultimately share with Al once he is well.  If you’d like to send a card so he has a mountain of them when he wakes up, you may send to Allan Sosnoski, C/O Don & Debi Van Handel-29 Valerie Drive, Appleton, WI 54915.  All cards will be kept for Al to open and read when he is well.   

                                                                       “Friends & Family are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.”

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