Alex Kuller

Hello, thank you for visiting my endometriosis excision and hysterectomy CaringBridge page. After years of suffering, bouncing from doctor to doctor trying to find answers and adequate care, I finally found a skilled excision specialist and have a surgery date. During the procedure, Dr. Mosbrucker (my surgeon) will remove all endometriosis lesions, cysts, adhesions (scar tissue), as well as perform a hysterectomy. The potential for improvement in my quality of life is unimaginable, and I'm so excited for what life will look like after recovery.

That said, getting to the "after" will take a lot of support, especially living out-of-state from family.

I will be out for three to five weeks, starting March 26th, and will need support with activities that require bending and lifting, cleaning and keeping the place clean until I'm recovered, taking care of the cats, and helping prepare meals for weeks 2 and 3 of recovery. My mom is coming into town to stay with me during the first week, so I imagine my needs from the community will be lesser then.

If you would like to donate to my YouCaring page, I will be going without pay for a couple of weeks due to our "pre-existing condition" exclusion clause in my company's Short Term Disability policy, not to mention the unknown costs this surgery will have, and could use any and all financial support as well.

Please let me know if there are additional ways you would like to help, any and all support is so incredibly appreciated. I really couldn't do this without you.