Al Donoviel

First post: Jun 7, 2019 Latest post: Oct 15, 2019
Our Dad and Grandpa, Al Donoviel, was recently diagnosed with metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the throat which has spread to his lungs. 

Friday 5/24 he saw an ENT for an extremely painful sore throat and significant weight loss. Upon examination a large tumor was discovered in his airway behind his tongue. He went in for a surgical biopsy on Thursday 5/30. Due to the size of the tumor, number of biopsies, edema, a tracheostomy was placed to preserve his airway followed by a feeding tube. Six days post biopsy and what feels like hundreds of tests later, my dad is home and facing a long, hard road of treatment. He has been unable to work and will likely not be able to return for quite some time. 

Al is self-employed and only has enough money saved to pay his living expenses for eight short weeks and we don't anticipate medicare covering all medical costs. We know those costs will be financially devastating.  Click on the WAYS TO HELP link at the top of the page to find our Go Fund Me. 

Selfishly, we want to keep our Dad, Grandpa, ski partner/fishing mentor healthy as whole for as many seasons that he can continue to drag us around for...He's still smiling and positive and it's just one of the things we all love about AL... frankly the rest of the world simply needs MORE ‘Al’ in it. 

If you can help, we will be forever grateful.