Alayna Cyphers

First post: Jan 1, 2019 Latest post: Jan 10, 2019
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On Wednesday December 26 Alayna started complaning that her stomach hurt. Being a tipical 16 year old girl and knowing she had been constipated I had her take some miralax and to call me in 30 minutes. She called me back said it realy hurt and proceded to through up. Assuming webhad the stomach flu. She and crawled into bed. By the next day she still was not holding anything down so we made our way to the walk in pediatric clinc. Her stomach was tender but not in the spot for appendix and with a large out break of stomache flu in billings was sent home with orders to keep hydrated and nausea medicine. She slept and drank threw the weekend not throwing up that often but diarhea. By Monday i saw no improvement and could tell she was dehydrated so back to the linik we went. Still a little tender in the belly but it looked like her period was staring but it could be blood in her stool. So they took a blood sample asked us to collect a stool sample and sent us home to wIt for results. 2hrs later they were asking us to admit her as she was dehydrated enough that they did not think we would be able to due it on our own. Plus she looked like she was fighting an infection so the wanted to run more tests. Again looking at ecoli, saminilla, noro, cdiff. Etcetera.  After 2 litters of fluid she still had not con to the bathroom but she was getting to the bathroom herself and was taking baths because they felt good. But her labs were not great. So they set her up with another 2 litters by 2 am we finnaly went to the bathroom and had our urine sample.  Let me state that up till 10 pm that night we had not once had a fever and the highest it ever got was 100.2. The next morni g we had labs done got up to take a bath, and her urin sample had come back negative. But very quickly she started to go down hill. He stomach started to bloat her heart beat picked up and we made the decision to send her to ct scan to see if she had some sort of bowel obstruction. What we found is a bellyful of puss and infection. 

We immediately started getting ready for surgery one that had more negative options then positive. 

As of now the surgurey was very successful however with all of the infections in her they do not thinkthey got it all which is not unusual for this tyoe of surgurey. She has drains, and a wound vac. And will be in the hospital for a week or two fighting infections and healing.