Alaina - Easter 2010
Broken wrist playing dodge ball!

Alaina Salamone

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Our 'story' began on April 6, 2010, when Alaina came to us, showing how her workouts were developing a big 'muscle'. I knew at once is was not that simple. The following day, a pediatricians appointment sent us immediately to Strong hospital, where the diagnosis began. After almost 3 weeks of waiting on numerous pathology reports (the first 2 here in Rochester were inconclusive (they had never seen this type of tumor before). A final report from Harvard concluded a diagnosis of "myxoid liposarcoma". Since then, Alaina has endured numerous appointments, blood tests, &scans. Her surgery is scheduled for this Mon. May 3rd to remove the 16cm mass. A vascular surgeon will be performing a resection at this time as well. We covet your prayers!!