Adrienne Jones

First post: Jul 28, 2020 Latest post: Nov 3, 2020
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On June 27, 2020, my daughter Adrienne and her college friend were in Savannah, GA on a day trip. After having lunch, Adrienne had just finished crossing the street, when a driver, under the influence of drugs and alcohol, made a turn too fast, jumped the curb and hit her. The driver was fleeing from the scene of another car accident he'd caused. The car pushed and pinned Adrienne into the wall of a building. Adrienne's friend wasn't hit because she saw the car and ran to get out of the way. She thought Adrienne saw the car as well, but when she looked back and saw Adrienne under the car, she knew that was not the case.

Adrienne's right side took the brunt of the impact. A man within the crowd, seeing Adrienne's right leg, used his belt as a tourniquet on her leg to slow the bleeding enough for her to get rushed to the ER. When I was called, the doctors weren't sure whether or not the leg would need to be amputated. Since I live in Texas and couldn't get to her right away, my daughter Miracle drove from Florida to be with her. I arrived the next day, and we've both been with her ever since helping and praying for her recovery.

Since the accident, Adrienne has had 6 surgeries to save her life and leg. She'll have to endure at least 2 more.

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