Dacian Sunset A DARING Story of Dacian

Originally I began this site months ago to share our story and struggles living with special needs. Today it is edited with photos in the Gallery and is being shared with the hope that someone might make the upcoming year for us less burdened and more bright and ultimately help make a way for me to give my son, who truly is a special boy, an even brighter future and to help me regain my health.

Dacian is going to be 4 next month.  He is my "Rainbow baby". Almost 3 yrs ago he was diagnosed with Sensory Processing disorder (he is both a seeker and an avoider - making it more difficult), a mixed receptive and expressive language disorder, childhood socialization disorder, and an emotional regulation disorder all when he was 14 months old. Around 17 months he began to display many traits of Autism and now he is suspected to have Auditory Processing disorder (which wouldn't be diagnosed until age 8). 

Dacian is extremely smart and has expressed tremendous problem solving skills and memory recall yet he struggles so much with very basic everyday living activities such as processing sounds, things he sees & feels, getting himself dressed or wiping his hands, to understanding danger and many social cues & appropriateness and many other things we take for granted. 

He has a love for construction vehicles, monster trucks, Paw Patrol, and cupcakes however, firetrucks are his favorite! He recently told me he wants to be a fireman someday. Dacian loves music and the drums, and I believe he is going to be a musician someday. He is a very polite, kind, giving, and loving boy full of happiness, joy, and light. Dacian tells me all the time "i love you mommy" and "i'm so happy". 

Taking care of Dacian is and has been my full time job. And most of the time is alot of work. Dacian truly has come a long way from my initial discovery of his special needs and diagnoses. His speech and social skills has improved tenfold by my sacrifice and love for him as well as his development, his trust and his confidence. Dacian has had a very unique bond with me and has a sense of closeness to me difficult to fully put in words. Seperation from me was extremely disruptive to Dacian emotionally as an infant and toddler and its something we still deal with.

Dacian requires a resticted, mostly fresh & organic plant based diet and Speech therapy 3xs a week along with Occupational therapy 2xs a week. I support him on a Supplemental Security check I receive each month for him for a little over $700. This is the only income I have and after the costs of keeping a stable home & his needs there is little to nothing nothing leftover. We were receiving food stamps but are not now. I struggle with hunger and vitamin deficiencies making sure Dacian gets what he needs first.

Dacian sometimes enjoys playing with children his age and he loves to learn! Dacian may be able to go to a specialized Montessori based preschool in the Fall 2020 but I need to be able to take him there. I have a 2000 Hyundai someone kindly donated to us however, a fine from 2006 keeps me unable to legally drive until the fine ($1,300) is paid and I can then renew my now expired driver's license. Given my limited income I am unable to put anything aside for the fine. Unfortunately, there is also still the cost of renewing the plates and reinstated the insurance after the fine is paid.  Taking Dacian to the school by public transportation bus is not realistic since it would be a 2 hr trip eachway. Getting him to therapies currently is a struggle as well.

I want to finish college and my Bachelor's and work in Functional Medicine. In that environment I will be better able to keep up with the best treatments for Dacian and better be able to help him reach his full potential. I also have a strong desire and passion to develop "Dacian approved" snacks for my son and children like him. Both are extremely difficult for me to achieve without driving and Dacian being in preschool. Without financial help everything in our lives continues to be stagnant.

Moreover, I'm 48 yrs old and recently discovered I have Bartonella - a very little known gram negative bacteria I contracted from a kitten over the summer. The kitten put a very tiny scratch in my hand which ended up getting me sick and I am still sick. It can take as little as 2 yrs or as long as many years to see improvement and treatment is expensive. Bartonella can be fatal.

Between the projected expenses of providing for Dacian and his unique needs, to the extent I would like too, and the cost for me to truly and fully recover from my illness I need be able to bring in enough income to ensure we are both more than just okay. I also want to be able to help others who are struggling. I look forward to a career not only as rewarding as these past few yrs have been raising my son but one which will secure and ensure Dacian's future and future care as well as provide for his talents, hobbies and interests along with keeping us both as well as possible. Ultimately, my goal is to have my own business so Dacian would have more continuous income greater than his disabilty SSI especially if anything were to happen to me and ultimately he would continue to be as happy and healthy as he is today. 

I humbly decided it was time I ask others for help. We are currently in a situation, stuck in a system, nearly impossible to get out of alone. All the walking I do and the stress of living on such a small and fixed income, plus my recent health concerns, all takes it toll on me. 

For me to achieve anything more than our present circumstances it truly may, take a village. Some days I feel quite helpless and saddened that I cannot do more right now. There are so many things to do and events he misses out on because I can't take him there or there isn't an option to take the bus. I know in my heart I can do an even better job raising Dacian if I could just get the help I need. I strongly know that I can make my plans for Dacian and his dreams a reality with a hand up right now not a handout. Even you sharing my story and this site is caring! Thank you for reading. I posted photos of our life in the Gallery above and links to our story and PayPal below. Have a blessed day!