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So, starting this off a bit late so I will try to give everyone a little back story.
Let's go back a bit, about 18 to 24 months. Abby for the most of her life has lived in Washington state with a brief hiatus here or there to move to Minnesota with her brother (MAX). Max And His Wife (REBEL) ~ that is me! have lived in multiple places all over the country but have spent the last 10 years on the East Coast. 
Now about 18 months ago Max and Rebel decided to move and change jobs. Many places were on the list of possibilities but Washington state won out and now they are living in Yakima WA. one of the many advantages was that they were allot closer to Abby and could see her more often just for the cost of a 3-hour drive:)
Over the first few weeks, there were exciting visits, exploring and game playing. (insert song: Reunited and it feels so good). After a short 3 months came the first of many blows to follow. Max & Abby's mother was found deceased in her apartment. Months and months followed with trips. legal steps, moving and cleaning of properties and then to sell off assets. All to find out that the Will was not quite up to date and in the end, nothing was left to the children.... :( 
Next came the emergency Surgery for Max in Wenatchee, then the urgent surgery that put Rebel in the hospital and subsequent bed rest for nearly 3 months. 
Now during this WHOLE TIME, Abby was showing up with some EXTREME BRUISING. Her family and friends were continually advising her to go to a Dr. to check it out. We knew that she was Active with hiking and Softball and notoriously clumsy but this was a bit much even for her! Eventually, at the end of January 2019, she did go and the tests immediately showed a problem and she was directed straight to Olympia for treatment of Leukemia. They were not sure the Exact type but needed to be aggressive with chemo right away! This has all started this journey that we are on Right Now! 
Jump ahead to recent Days, Abby just got her new STEM CELLS. leading up to that day she had to have 3 days of STRONG Chemo & 4 days of TOTAL BODY IRRADIATION. She will be in the Hospital at the University of Washington long enough to ensure a good graph of her *NEW* immune system. Approximately 2-3 weeks.
Once released out of the hospital, then it is back to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Clinic & House until some time in October when the will reassess her situation and make recommendations for her at that time.
During these next few months, we are fundraising for Abby. Her children are staying with their dad, are 15 &17 and doing the best they can during this time. Abby has had to move, put things in storage then find a suitable place to rent that will aid in her upcoming needs post Transplant. Paying rent, Insurance, phone bill, groceries are all things that continue regardless of which stage she is at during her recovery. Unforeseen things that come up along the way are, but not limited to Special Dietary needs, specific cleaning and sanitizing practices, programs and apps put into place to aid in her medical safety, items that are NOT covered by insurance, gas and parking money for caregivers. Abby's lifestyle will forever be altered. Not that is not doable but it will take effort to get there! Currently, due to treatments, she has C-Diff and therefore gowning up protocols have been put into place for ALL VISITORS and Abby herself if she wants to leave her room. All things are being heavily monitored, Blood Pressure, Temperature, Skin and mouth sores, fluid intake and output.

She likes to have communications with friends and family, however only if they are not ill and are willing to gown up. this has made the MEAL TRAIN somewhat difficult and therefore the GrubHub cards and restaurant gift cards along with cash donations are a real saver!

I will put All Abby's donation links here and will update them as needed, this should hopefully fit the needs of multiple people so that each can feel a part of Abby's village to support her Recovery!

Rally Hope: main cash donation site:

Amazon Wishlist: things aid in day to day needs or just gifts to make her feel surrounded in support!

MEAL TRAIN: used to schedule visits, meals and or food gift cards.

FACEBOOK FUNDRAISER: just another, hopefully, easy way to reach people and donate.