abigail garvey

First post: Jun 21, 2012 Latest post: Jul 30, 2021
Hi everyone Special Needs awareness journey name is Abigail Lousie Francis garvey diagnosed with chromosome 12 deletion and have learning disabilities. I have Perthes disease in my left hip - and also have leg length discrepancy and contracture 5th finger in my left hand know as camptodactyly , eczema and asthma, right upper renal scarring with cyst in lower pole kidney. I also has hypertension, ADHD and behaviour problem I Had a big operation in feb 2014 where i had a metal rod inserted into my leg from my hip to my knee as my leg was 5cm shorter then the right leg when i was in surgery along with my other disabilites i was so good at coping with it all after all I rock this world part of amazing charity called strongbrones I am now a young advisory for charity our event and activities and project for charity Thank you so much Abigail