Caregiver Resources

Serving as a family caregiver, whether during a health crisis or chronic illness, is a noble, honorable and magnificent act of love. But caregiving can also be relentless, isolating and sometimes scary to have so much responsibility. Below are a few resources as you navigate your journey.

Advice & Inspiration

Thousands of CaringBridge users who know the work of caregiving offer advice to help you navigate life in your role.

Caregiver eBook

Are you overwhelmed with caregiver stress? Learn these insightful tips in this free resource: 14 Life-Changing Tips to Relieve Caregiver Stress.

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What’s Your Score?

Caring for a loved one is an honor, but it can also be really intense putting us ‘in the green,’ ‘yellow,’ or ‘red.’ To learn your score, take this two-minute quiz from our friends at ARCHANGELS.

No One Should Go Through a Health Journey Alone

A health journey of any kind—diagnosis, injury, illness, pregnancy complications, or other experiences—is difficult to endure alone. Too often, patients and caregivers feel isolated at a time when support matters most. In these moments, there’s no match for the power of community, because healing happens when we’re surrounded by our loved ones.

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