Brain Tumor

Brain Tumor Stories

Years After Loss, Grief Still Surfaces as 'Price of Love'

My husband, Tom Vinje, was diagnosed in March 2008 with a glioblastoma brain tumor. He passed away seven months later, in October 2008. We were together 11 years, married for nine. Tom was one of those guys who could light up a room with his smile—and that laugh! Oh, how I miss that laugh. Thank… Read More

Brain Tumor

One Writer’s Incredible Story of Hope, Beauty, and Glioblastoma

Caroline Wright with her sons, Henry and Theodore. Photos courtesy of Adair Rutledge. The thing about terminal cancer is that sometimes you don’t feel sick. “I feel, weirdly, completely healthy,” Caroline Wright of Seattle said, 6 months after receiving a diagnosis of glioblastoma, a very aggressive brain cancer, in February 2017. Feeling Strangely Fine “It’s… Read More

Brain Tumor Stories

How to Talk to a Sick Kid, From a Former Sick Kid

By the start of first grade, Molly M., of Minnesota, had learned the ropes of health care. A survivor of brain tumor surgeries at ages 2 and 6, she had endured enough needle-pokes to take charge of IV technicians aiming for her best veins. On more than one occasion, the freckle-faced kid with bangs looked… Read More

Michael Bischoff
Brain Tumor Stories

A Healing Journey: Michael Bischoff’s Story

Michael Bischoff and Jenny Larson, with their children Isaiah and Grace Michael Bischoff started having headaches at the end of August 2015, right when summer turned into autumn. As the weather cooled, the headaches grew more intense and were joined by spells of nausea. Probably migraines, he thought, and went in for an MRI, where… Read More