Gaining Strength Through Connections

After her breast-cancer surgery, Traci C. needed a convenient, no-fuss way to communicate with friends and family. The route she ultimately chose was CaringBridge. (Dec. 2010)

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Preview of a CaringBridge website

Alleviating Pain

After her breast cancer surgery, it hurt physically and emotionally every time Traci C. picked up the phone. She needed a better way to reach out to her support group. She found CaringBridge.

Thousands of Visitors

Traci’s friends and family sent supportive messages every day, from every corner of America.

“It’s such a great way for us to keep in touch without feeling we’re bothering her,” says a friend. “And we always know what she’s been going through.”

A Therapeutic Experience

Writing a private blog has proven to be therapeutic.

“Just talking about my day-to-day experiences is so helpful,” Traci says. And every morning, she reads her messages to renew her strength to face another day and gather encouragement.

“Everybody is cheering me on.”

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