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Reese’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update


I remember on our drive home from one of our weekly Dr. D visits at the beginning of this journey saying to Scott "at least we can be assured that R will be delayed, but he'll be a walker and a talker." We were new to Dr. D; he was new to us. I remember feeling like I needed to say it to convince myself, because deep down, I knew that everything we would get from there on out would be a gift. Dr. D was SO hopeful that R would be one of the kids with infantile spasms who was delayed, but would meet milestones, but at his own pace. Still following the curve, but after his age mates. We have learned so much since then. 

Here we are almost 9 years later in such a different place than what Dr. D imagined after those first few meetings. I knew we'd be here. I hoped we'd not be and I hoped that I would be wrong. As we near the littlest one's birthday, I find myself remembering where we have been and how much adjusting we have had to do. I am so thankful for the delicate balance between reality and hope that Dr. D maintains, always reassuring us that we're doing a good job and that R is doing well given all the obstacles on this journey.  Lately, I find myself struggling to connect with my littlest and wanting more than what he can give me. I struggle with finding a different hope. 

I am sure I will post a quick message on his birthday. We'll celebrate with a trip to the big brother's basketball game (and remember his noise canceling headphones), order something for dinner and eat cupcakes. A quiet celebration is the best for him, so that is what we'll do. 
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Leann Lind
By Leann Lind
Oh honey, I know this time of year is hard for you. Big hugs and love. I'm so inspired by you and your family. You've been through so much, yet here you are holding on just like the rest of us and relying on faith to carry us one more day. Happy birthday Reese.
Lots of love and God's Peace, Leann
Beverly Yoki
By Beverly Yoki
Happy Birthday Dear Reese! Enjoy your time together and know that through your struggles all of you have grown more than you can imagine. Reese has been an example to all of us.
Nigel Burrell
By Nigel Burrell
As always I am praying for Reese and you all from the the U.K. - Happy Birthday, Reese! :o)

Nigel xxx
Tina Stoneburner
By Miss S (Miss Tina)
Happy Birthday R :).....celebrate to it's fullest!! Nena, you are a strong woman and loving mom. Stay strong and remember we are all praying for your family and sending you lots and lots of heart felt hugs along the journey
Sheila Liubakka
By Sheila Liubakka
Happy Birthday to sweet Reese!
Marilyn Harju
By Marilyn Harju
Only God knows for sure what will happen in our lives, of that we can be sure! Enjoy your time with your dear son, savor every moment! Doing things as a family is the best! Cupcakes sound delicious! Happy Birthday to Dear Reese! Love you all! God's Peace, Jorj
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