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My Story

And now it is Round 2. Laughlin was diagnosed with treatment related AML Leukaemia on Friday 15/11/13 and we will be going into GOSH on Monday 25/11/13 to begin the first 6 week round of treatment. This may be followed by further rounds, with a bone marrow transplant as the final element. Lockie continues to dig deep into the treasure of his heart, facing all this with calmness and openness.


On the 8th July 2011 our dear son Laughlin Lewis Whiteley was taken into Great Ormond Street hospital for removal of a brain tumour "Medulloblastoma".  The last six weeks Laughlin has made a huge recovery and now Laughlin faces 12 to 18mths of treatment! Already he has started the process of six weeks of radiotherapy and then chemo!  Laughlin has been so brave and has been just amazing and defiantly still keeps giggling and sparkling like a star!  He is a  true "Pirate"  and will ride this rough time with great attack! passion, and will follow "The yellow Brick road" 

Day one the hymn "Fight the good fight with all thy mite" 


John Whiteley posted a new journal entry, "A sprinkling of hope".

At long, long, last Laughlin's Star Wars bed is warm again at nights (though extra dog warmth has been well and truly banned, as have any aviarian, aquatic or amphibious ... Read more

vikki george signed Laughlin's Guestbook.

I'm so pleased to hear your back home. I know you still have tough times ahead but celebrating your latest mile stone x Read more

John Whiteley added a new photo.

John Whiteley posted a new journal entry, "Deja Vu".

Weekends over the past month have been a crash-course in London life for Gus. He is now an old hand at all forms of public transport other than river ferries and the O2 ... Read more

John Whiteley added a new photo.

Steffi signed Laughlin's Guestbook.

What Joy!! Thank you once again, John for providing us with such an eloquent window into the the immense adventure you all brave! We are over - joyed to hear of the of ... Read more

Andrew and Carla signed Laughlin's Guestbook.

Hallelujah what fantastic news. A resurrection before Easter. How timely. It makes us smile it makes us jump for joy and Thank God. Such wonderful news and once again how ... Read more

John Whiteley posted a new journal entry, "Learning to Walk Again".

This afternoon Laughlin played Rounders again, for the first time since October. Albeit, it was within his room, bat fashioned from a postage tube, multi-coloured foam ... Read more

John Whiteley added a new photo.

Baggy Boo x signed Laughlin's Guestbook.

Really am at a lost for words! You are all so truly amazing and Laughlin makes my heart dance and my eyes twinkle whenever I see his cheeky chappy face xx  Read more

poyser family signed Laughlin's Guestbook.

Hi Lockie, and hey John! It's Uncle Simon here, and it's been great to keep updated through mummy about how things are going! I read daddy's blog and it sounds as though ... Read more

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