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Laughlin’s Story

On 11th Oct 2014, Laughlin fell in battle. He fought with love, compassion and creativity. He lived deep, if not long.

"And there will come a time, you'll see, with no more tears.
And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.
Get over your hill and see what you find there,
With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair."

We love you Lockey -always and forever.


And now it is Round 2. Laughlin was diagnosed with treatment related AML Leukaemia on Friday 15/11/13 and we will be going into GOSH on Monday 25/11/13 to begin the first 6 week round of treatment. This may be followed by further rounds, with a bone marrow transplant as the final element. Lockie continues to dig deep into the treasure of his heart, facing all this with calmness and openness.


On the 8th July 2011 our dear son Laughlin Lewis Whiteley was taken into Great Ormond Street hospital for removal of a brain tumour "Medulloblastoma".  The last six weeks Laughlin has made a huge recovery and now Laughlin faces 12 to 18mths of treatment! Already he has started the process of six weeks of radiotherapy and then chemo!  Laughlin has been so brave and has been just amazing and defiantly still keeps giggling and sparkling like a star!  He is a  true "Pirate"  and will ride this rough time with great attack! passion, and will follow "The yellow Brick road" 

Day one the hymn "Fight the good fight with all thy mite" 

Latest Journal Update

Bitter Harvest

1 year since Lockey was set free. Our planet has orbited once around the sun, and revolved 365 times. We continue to orbit his life, our lives continue to spin, light and shade, darkness and illumination. Blackness, sunshine, bleakness, warmth. Sunset. Dawn. 

He lives, on in our hearts, in our memories. We hold his hands and we won't let go. Always and forever. His spirit inspires, breathes life into every crafty creation on the bone marrow transplant wards.  Flitting between, filling the space,  present in the absence. Fly on. 

Think of Lockey. But think of all the other children on the wards now, newly diagnosed, in the midst of the melee, marching triumphant, also fallen today.

His final act was to colour a get well picture for his brother, who had a cold. Gus, without his brother for 1/5 of his life, wrote the message in the photo. No matter what, no matter what you face, you can choose to transport your heart into the place of others. At each of these moments you offer a transplant. The life-blood of care, stem cells of compassion that offer the magical possibility of growing to fill a little of the void. 

This week was  harvest festival, but now each year we are reminded of the bitter harvest of death. For us, now, forever, the life cycle is ever-present. A seedling pushes up its tenders hoots, it thickens and strengthens, matures and flowers, withers and returns to the dust. Leaving behind naught... but the food it provided for the birds and animals, the oxygen it offered us all. And its essence, in a seed, an encapsulation of all that was, and all that will be.



andy seiffert
By andy seiffert — last edited
John Andrea & Gus. Your year must have been immense & I can only wonder how it felt. Lockey was & is a star. Once a light fills a room or a space, you never forget how it lit the room, even afterwards. God Bless and walk close with you. Andy, Alison & Noah (Geelong still)
Damien Litchfield
Sending our most heartfelt love to each of you at this time of bitter harvest. A whole year has passed!
I can only imagined where you have travelled, the terrain you have chartered & the heart break you have nursed.
It saddens me that we have not seen you or spoken through this profoundly significant time. We dearly look forward to when we can, one day sit together & in your presence hear the greater story of your beloved boy.
Lockey will forever be in our hearts, where we will remember his kindness, his beauty, his wisdom, his love and his light.
Our love Always,
Stef, Damo, Baya,Ishaa & Manu xx