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Erin’s Story

Part 1:
On February 27, 2007 Erin had to check in Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital. She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  

Part 2:
On February 10, 2011 Erin came to the Irish with her new little sister expecting a clean bill of health for her regular check up. Her cancer returned.

Part 3: After her successful bone marrow transplant using her baby sister's cord blood, Erin's cancer has returned for the third time.


Erin was first diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on February 27, 2007 when she was just a little over 3. She went through 2 1/2 years of chemotherapy at UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital in Cleveland. On June 28, 2009 she had what was thought to be her last dose of chemo. 
She was clear for 19 months during which time she and her big sister, Annie, became a big sister to little Mary. Mary came as a surprise and we found out there was more to her than just adding to our family.
On February 10, 2011 we found out that Erin's cancer returned. Thanks to the advice of Dr. Jeff Auletta we had saved Mary's cord blood. We found out that even though the chances were so slim, Mary was Erin's perfect match for her necessary bone marrow transplant.
From February 10th through early June Erin went through intense chemotherapy and total body radiation. On June 7, 2011, she received her sister's cord blood in her bone marrow transplant. She was released to go home on July 30th and had been recovering beautifully until March 2, 2012.
Erin had another routine checkup that discovered once again the return of her leukemia. 
Now she begins her battle for the third time with her same relentless spirit and faith in success

Latest Journal Update

2016 Surprise!

January 3, 2016

What a way to start the New Year!!!

Kevin and I worked with Frank (Erin's donor) undercover and surprised the girls! Frank & Selena came in for a visit this weekend and what a wonderful time it has been.

It has been so nice having them stay with us the past few nights. We started the visit off with dinner downtown at the Hard Rock Cafe. We got to see all of the city's beautiful Christmas lights.

Saturday we took a trip to the West Side Market and the Science Center. Then we went to the high school to watch Annie cheer on the Hornets' basketball team. We had a little lunch date at our house with some family and then headed to the west side for a dinner date with some more family.

Today we have been chilling out at home. Simple and relaxing.

We are so lucky and so very happy!

Happy New Year for sure!!!!


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lisa greene
By Lisa Greene
I'm so happy for all of you. You always have a sense of adventure and optimism, despite the biggest challenges. I love that you had Frank visit. So beautiful. And congrats on that new baby!
Margie DeMastry
By Margie DeMastry
Happy Healthy New Year
Ginger Auletta
By Ginger Auletta
Happy New Year to all of the Potters...what a special time to share together.