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Late this summer we found out we were expecting our 4th child.  The due date for our new little blessing was set for April 8, 2012!  Easter, how appropriate we thought!  Everything in the pregnancy was going great.  Alexa, Chloe and Noah were eagerly anticipating the arrival of their new baby brother or sister.  On December 14th we went for a routine screening ultrasound eager to see if our baby was a boy or a girl.  After having 3 perfect pregnancies and 3 perfectly healthy babies, we were feeling no hint of anxiety that something could be wrong. 

During this ultrasound the technician found some concerning features with the baby, and we were sent to a perinatologist for a level II ultrasound the following day.  It was at this next visit we were told that it was likely our baby had a genetic abnormality called Trisomy 18 (you can learn about this at (  We were told that this condition has a very high mortality rate, and that there is a good possibility the baby will not come home from the hospital with us.  We were given support information as well as the option to terminate the pregnancy upon confirmation of the diagnosis.  Clearly for us, terminating the pregnancy wasn't an option.  So we proceeded to pursue support services available. 

A few days later we contacted Patty Lewis at Alexandra's House.  Alexandra's house is a charitable perinatal hospice and infant refuge.  If you have time to visit their website, I highly recommend it. (  Through the many services offered at Alexandra's House, we will have the opportunity to celebrate the time we have with our little Ella, connect with other families who have experienced a similar situation, and will have all the resources we need in caring for our special baby. 

We also have received an enormous amount of support from our family and friends.  Thank all of you!  There simply are not adequate words to express how you all have blessed us with your prayers and practical support.  We deeply wish to share the joys and the pains of this experience with you.  Ella is already such a blessing, and she has yet to be born.  We hope you'll join us in celebrating this new little life.

God's grace and peace to you!

Cory and Terisa

Newest Update

Journal entry by Terisa Morgan

Tonight we became aware of another family touched by a T18 baby. The mother gave birth to twins today, one of whom had trisomy 18 and survived for an hour following birth. The other twin does not have trisomy 18, but is in NICU. Please pray for the surviving twin to gain strength and health, and for the family's peace and healing as they celebrate the blessing of both their children and mourn the loss of their sweet angel. We know first hand how powerful your prayers have been for us. Thank you and bless you!
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