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Austin F.’s Story

Welcome to Austin's pages.

Austin was born with Down Syndrome at 37 weeks. Over the years we have learned he also has Hirschsprungs Disease, neaurogenic colon and bladder, Epilipsy, and asthma. Austin has spent many, many nights in the hospital and has had over 40 surgeries, 5 of them have been major surgeries.

We formed these pages for you to follow Austin's care down this road of life God has given him. It has and may continue to be a bumpy one, but with all your thoughts and prayers, it's much easiers to travel. Thank you and God Bless each and everyone.

Latest Journal Update

Happy Birthday Austin !

Tomorrow September 21 Austin will be 6. Where has the time gone?

Your growing up fast little man. And we are very excited to see what the future brings you. We love you so much. XOXO
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Sheree Slade
By Sheree and Hope
Dropping of floods of butterfly kisses and HUGE hugs! xxx's

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Tim Davis
By Coach Tim
HI Austin - Happy Birthday! We miss you at Skill Builders! Please come and visit and see our new zip line in the SIMS lab (sensory room).
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Sarah Nixdorf
By Sarah Nixdorf
Happy 6th.
Sending smiles.
Www.caring bridge.org/visit/sarahnixdorf
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Andrelei Grisnich
Happy Birthday Austin! I hope you have happy and healthy year ahead of you!
Dustin and Andrelei
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Staci Krueger
Happy Birthday Austin wow 6 already your getting so big have a wonderful day love you all oxo
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Karien Prinsloo
By Karien & Kallen Prinsloo South Africa
Happy Birthaday Austin May you have a wonderful day!
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donna cole
By donna cole
Happy Birthday, Austin.
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Julie Friedrichsen
By Julie Friedrichsen
Happy birthday sweet little man! We love you with all of our hearts!!! Big hugs all around from your chickens in Ohio!!! <3
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