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Austin F.’s Story

Welcome to Austin's pages.

Austin was born with Down Syndrome at 37 weeks. Over the years we have learned he also has Hirschsprungs Disease, neaurogenic colon and bladder, Epilipsy, and asthma. Austin has spent many, many nights in the hospital and has had over 40 surgeries, 5 of them have been major surgeries.

We formed these pages for you to follow Austin's care down this road of life God has given him. It has and may continue to be a bumpy one, but with all your thoughts and prayers, it's much easiers to travel. Thank you and God Bless each and everyone.

Latest Journal Update

Post Op... Day 5

Post Op day 3 was fairly OK.
Post Op day 4 turned interesting. Austin epidural pump started beeping and no matter what they did or tried, it continued. The pain team came in and noticed that it was leaking. Because of that, they needed to pull the epidural. As they took the tape off they noticed that it was kinked right under the skin. With that being done, that leaves him with iv meds for pain.

Post Op day was a very tough day. Austin had alot of pain. Morphine right now is the only thing that even helps just a little. Oxycodine does nothing for him. He spend more of the day whining and crying. They started him on some of his feeds. Have him hooked to his pump getting 40 mls every hour. So far he is doing OK with them.

Also we did his first Malone flush for his colon. I don't think it was very productive, but did get some stool return.

I'm hope he falls asleep soon. He never napped today, so he should sleep well tonight.

The be goal is to get pain under control so he can start being able to move more and start taking in clear fluids. The doc said if things go well we just may get out of here over the weekend. If that's true, it will be our shortest stay ever. But I have learned never get my hopes up because Austin makes the game rules.

That's about all. Until tomorrow God Bless you all.
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Barbara Mahaney
By Nurse Barb
Just talked to nurse Neuman. Says you are doing better.but still have a ways to go. Miss you a lot and hope you get better real soon. My best to you and your family. This certainly has been a long haul for all of you. My prayers are always with you.
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Jeanette Keith
By Mrs. Jeanette Keith
praying for pain management and a restful nigh for you both
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Becky Pulley
By Becky Pulley
praying for a pain controlled day. I am sorry this has happened
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Janet George
By Janet George
Praying for a weekend trip home!! Love you !!!
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Mary Isaacson
By Mary Rebhahn Isaacson
Hope you wish for a weekend escape is somehow possible. Take care!
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Tillery Phillips
By Tillery Phillips
Get outta there so Tillery and Austin can hang out! Post a pic of Tillery to inspire him to cooperate!
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Joyce Nosker
By Joyce Nosker
Praying that God will help Austin with the game rules. Praying for a good night and continued healing.
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Cattyana Montes
By Cattyana Montes
Hope they get his pain under control and y'all are able to come home this weekend. 😘
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Al Paquin
By Al Paquin and Crew
Praying that Austin pain gets easier. Praying momma gets rest along with Austin. Lots of love from home. XOXOXO
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