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Austin F.’s Story

Welcome to Austin's pages.

Austin was born with Down Syndrome at 37 weeks. Over the years we have learned he also has Hirschsprungs Disease, neaurogenic colon and bladder, Epilipsy, and asthma. Austin has spent many, many nights in the hospital and has had over 40 surgeries, 5 of them have been major surgeries.

We formed these pages for you to follow Austin's care down this road of life God has given him. It has and may continue to be a bumpy one, but with all your thoughts and prayers, it's much easiers to travel. Thank you and God Bless each and everyone.

Latest Journal Update

In OR today..

Austin had a very busy clinic day. We started out in xray for Colorectal to see if his flushes are cleaning his colon. Next we headed over to urology. The plan there was to pull out the hold cath that has been in his mitrofanoff for the last 5 weeks, clamp off the supra pubic cath and start cathing every 2 hours. They pulled the mitrofanoff and tried cathing. Making a long story short, none of us could get a catheter back in the mitrofanoff. Dr V was called back in and made the call to take him to the OR later after clinic hours.

After I signed consent, we headed to our Colorectal appt. Due to the fact that Austin's Malone likes to close Dr H decided to put in a chait, a permanent access. I believe I will like it much better.

About 3pm, I received a phone call telling me we can head over to the hospital and report to same day surgery. They took Austin at about 5:30. The plan was to scope him to see where the problem is.

Just about an hour later, urology came out shaking his head. What he found isn't what he wanted to. Austins track isn't healing right. His track isn't straight, but has a bend which makes it very difficult to cath. The decision was to put the holding cath back in for another 3 weeks and try it again then. If at that time, its still hard to cath and we can't find a cath that will work, Austin will need to go back to the OR to have the track repaired.

So as for now we are here hang out for the next 4 to 5 weeks. We will have our clinic appts during the week to check and report any problems. Please continue to keep Austin in your prayers. Blessings to all.
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Becky Pulley
By Becky Pulley
sorry- I just found the address - anything special you would like to have
Becky Pulley
By Becky Pulley
thoughts and prayers to you. What can we send to help you get through the days and where can we send it
Joyce Nosker
By Joyce Nosker
Have you ever asked the "merry-go-round" to stop so you can get off? Wow, what a journey this has been for Austin, you, and your family. I'm praying still and will continue.
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Mary Isaacson
By Mary Rebhahn Isaacson
Phew, looks like your nightmares continue, but relieved to know that Austin has options too. Take care and will pray for you both!
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Tim Davis
By Tim
We are thinking about you ALL - hang tough little man - you will be out of the woods soon and back on track! Coach Tim has a new very cool soccer ball JUST FOR YOU!!! Can't wait to share it. Much love from SUNY Cortland Adapted PE!
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Tillery Phillips
By Tillery Phillips
I hate how hard this has all been. Be strong! We're all cheering for you both.
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Maresa Visel (AliMama/Downsyn)
By AliMama/Maresa
Oh, Christine, I'm so sorry to hear that Austin is having problems again. Thanks for updating us. I'll keep praying for you both--
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Lisa Davis
By Lisa
Continued prayers and positive thoughts for strength in mind and body for the both of you.
Love Lisa
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carleen fallone
By carleen fallone
Praying for you and Austin! Your road has been so long and I you are both so strong. Someday we will reunite and celebrate the end of long a journey for the both of you!
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Al Paquin
By Al Paquin and Crew
Thoughts and prayers in hopes that it heals correct. With love.
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