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Austin F.’s Story

Welcome to Austin's pages.

Austin was born with Down Syndrome at 37 weeks. Over the years we have learned he also has Hirschsprungs Disease, neaurogenic colon and bladder, Epilipsy, and asthma. Austin has spent many, many nights in the hospital and has had over 40 surgeries, 5 of them have been major surgeries.

We formed these pages for you to follow Austin's care down this road of life God has given him. It has and may continue to be a bumpy one, but with all your thoughts and prayers, it's much easiers to travel. Thank you and God Bless each and everyone.

Latest Journal Update

kidney update

We learned tonight Austin's right upper kidney is infected. The iv antibiotic is working on the e coli in his bladder. Tomorrow the team will be calling Cinci to get instructions on how they would like Austin to be treated. And to see if there are any other testing Cinci would like to have done. He still has a fever, and from what I have been told he needs to be fever free for 24 hours before they will even consider going home. He isn't eating anything. Will chew it up but then spot it all out and gag. Thank goodness he gets 12 hours on night feeds.

That's really all I have for now. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. They truly mean the world to us.
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Charlene LaFleur
By Charlene LaFleur
Prayers in progress little Mama for you and Austin... every every day... ♥
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Amber Damko
By Amber Damko
Oh Christine! Praying for you both, for sustaining grace and peace and strength. And that maybe just maybe you'll be home by Thanksgiving? Big hugs to you both!! I know I've said it many times but I wish we were closer so I could help you with more practical things than just praying for you. Hang in there!
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Andrelei Grisnich
I am so sorry to hear that Austin is going through this. Poor little man! Always in my thoughts and prayers! I hope Austin will have a speedy recovery!
Andrelei and Dustin
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Maresa Visel (AliMama/Downsyn)
By Maresa Visel (AliMama/Downsyn) — last edited
Thinking of you both--

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Kathy Dippolito
By Kat
Sending love and prayers! xoxox
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