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Austin F.’s Story

Welcome to Austin's pages.

Austin was born with Down Syndrome at 37 weeks. Over the years we have learned he also has Hirschsprungs Disease, neaurogenic colon and bladder, Epilipsy, and asthma. Austin has spent many, many nights in the hospital and has had over 40 surgeries, 5 of them have been major surgeries.

We formed these pages for you to follow Austin's care down this road of life God has given him. It has and may continue to be a bumpy one, but with all your thoughts and prayers, it's much easiers to travel. Thank you and God Bless each and everyone.

Latest Journal Update


Thought I would pop in and give a very boring update. Boring is good when in places like the Ronald McDonald House.

Nothing has changed really. Austin is still having bladder spasms mostly at night. He still has both the supra pubic cath in along with the mitrofanoff cath. Biggest challenge is to keep them both draining and not getting clogged. The SP does a better job because it's a much bigger cath.

We have 2 more weeks before they are going to try pulling the mitrofanoff again. If it's still not healed right there is that huge chance a revision will be needed. I have asked if they can schedule the revision for us now so we have it in the books and if we don't need it, then we can cancel. We don't want to leave and head home to only turn around and come back in 3 months for the fix. 

He he is still being picky with his eating and drinking. Won't drink anything but milk so I am pushing more water through his g tube. Eating for him is about zero. Tonight was the best in a long time with 1/2 of a hot dog. He is even turning his nose up at Mac and cheese. Thank goodness for night feeds.

On a little side note how I am doing......before we left home I chipped a filling on one of my molars. I was hopping that I would make it until we got home, but I wasn't that lucky. My tooth started to ache which started to kept me up at night. Another mom here took me to her emergency dentist, and due the the damage it was either a root canal or have it pulled. I chose for them to pull it. Now I have a huge hole in my mouth in the back,can't open my mouth to eat,and can't drink coffee for a few days. man, this stinks.

So that's really about it for now. Easy, simple days for now. Fingers crossed nothing changes. Thanks again for following Austin with your thoughts and prayers. God Bless you all.

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Lisa Petrow
By lisa petrow
Dear Austin and Family I hope you get to do something fun this weekend!
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Joyce Nosker
By Joyce Nosker
Praying for both of you. So sorry for your dental emergency on top of Austin's issues. Remember, I'm only about an hour away, in the Dayton area, and willing to do whatever you need or would like.
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Al Paquin
By Al Paquin and Crew
Prayers and thought coming your way. Were holding the fort down and can't wait till the day of you both returning home. We miss you and Austin so much. Praying the three week wait works. With much love from the N.Y. Home and crew. Hoping your extraction pain get better soon. Hugs and kisses. XOXO
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Mary Isaacson
By Mary Rebhahn Isaacson
Thanks for the update- sounds like you are coping with so much at the same time. Don't envy your tooth extraction- you are one strong lady. Your grandma Charlotte would have been so proud of all that you have done to keep going and to help your son.😘
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Sandy Jessup
By Sandy Jessup
Such an odd bonding experience. Love you both!!
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