Joshua Johnson

After an accident on Friday afternoon Josh was rushed to St.Cloud hospital to receive treatment for hypothermia due to falling threw the ice on Little Rock lake. He was uncontious and had no pulse at the time of rescue. The St. Cloud hospital started to warm his body up and once they were able to get him in a stable condition Josh was air lifted to The University of Minnesota to receive specialty care for the critical condition he is in. Over the last couple days the U of M acctually cooled his body back down to reduce the risk of his brain swelling. His organs where in very bad condition Friday but his lungs and heart have been improving. As of today after talking to the doctors his kidneys are still not functioning much at all and there still watching his brain for swelling. If the kidneys don't start improving very soon they are talking about having to start Josh on dialysis. Today at 12 they started to warm Joshs body back up slowly to 97º which his body reached that temperature this evening around 8:30pm. His body is handling the warming process very well. He is and will stay on the ventalator for a while. The machine that is being used to warm his body is called Ecmo. It cycles the blood out of his body and get the blood to a certain temperature and is oxygenating his blood and then returns the blood back into his body. He is expected to be on the Ecmo machine until the doctors feel it is safe to take him off and if he stays in a stable condition. Josh is still in critical condition but is making good progress.

Sartell, MN

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