A Decade Plus of Growth

In 1997, Sona Mehring created a website to help two friends with a premature baby communicate with friends and family. That simple act of care and compassion has since become CaringBridge.org, a nonprofit that impacts the lives of families around the world, offering hope and spreading love.

1997: Sona Mehring creates the first site

1998: More than 50 sites are established

2000: Donor supports begins

2001: Board established

2002: Nonprofit status is granted

2005: Donations top $1 million

2006: More than 5,000 sites established

2007: First national media coverage

2009: Spanish-language access is created

2010: CaringBridge.org visits top 1 billion

2012: 132,000 donors; 110 volunteers

2013: Visits to CaringBridge.org total 46 million