Your Site’s Guestbook – An Open Invitation

Every CaringBridge Site has a Guestbook – a place where everyone who cares and is connected with you can leave messages of inspiration and encouragement.

Your Guestbook is the inbox for caring messages.

CaringBridge helps friends, families and loved ones connect when it matters most. Set up a site today in just a few clicks.

Encouraging Comments image

Comments Are Encouraged

When loved ones want to connect with you, your CaringBridge Guestbook takes the time and travel out of it. Instead, people who care about you can write unlimited messages you can read whenever you want.

Show Love and Compassion in your guestbook example

A Two-Way Street

CaringBridge connects you with family, friends, and a whole caring community of people who are pulling for you. Keep them updated with your site’s Journal, emails, prayer requests and more. Then let them send a little love your way – in your Guestbook.