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Site created on April 9, 2018

Here's the scoop... I was all warm and comfy in my mama's womb, thinking I had at least 8 more weeks to cook... but no, I was evicted! I was taking a nap one second to a sudden rush of cold wind the next! Sheesh people! It all happened so fast, I'm not even sure why they evicted me so early... I guess what's important now is that I'm as healthy as can be  for only spending 29 weeks in the womb and they say I'm going to pull through just fine! Stick around for my side of the story ;) 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Kate Rodriguez

Well people, I'm home now, and it's real different for all of us. It's different for me because no more nice nurse friends. Cami says it's different for her because she has to share adult attention. I'm keeping my mama up at night, and that makes her brain what she calls "fuzzy". She says she can't quite think straight because she's "sleep deprived" so she told me I need to ask y'all for help again. 

Again, there's lots of ways to help! Prayer, meals, baby care items, groceries, laundry, and the NICU bills that have officially started showing up at our house (another thing Mama calls "the mail"). 

Calling all you prayer warriors out there, we need your prayers to cover our transition to being a family of four under the same roof! 

If meals are something you get all excited about, check out the Meal Train calendar our nice friend Ashley made for us. Abuela will still be with us until the end of June, and she says the meals are a huge blessing to her too! 

If you like buying cute baby stuff (or handy stuff for mama... or fun toys for big sister...), check out our updated Amazon list for ideas. 

If you like helping people get yummy groceries or doing people's stinky laundry, check out the Caring Bridge Calendar and sign up.

If donations toward medical expenses are your forte, Mama says so far we have bills right now for $19,000. The good news is that after insurance adjustments and payments, these bills are down to $5,700. Mama  says we've almost hit something she calls our "out-of-pocket-max" but that we do need to pay these bills totaling $5,700. Our nice friend Bekah set up a GoFundMe page where you can help my family out. Every little bit is a blessing to us! Some good news is that we already have $860 in previous donations, so now Mama and Papa have to figure out where the rest of the money will come from. Mama tells me that God already knows where the $$ will come from, so that is hopeful and comforting!

As always, reach out to Mama with questions. I'm gonna take another nap so she and I can hang out again tonight. 

Until next time.

Pura vida. 
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