Honor Zack

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“From Todd Satre and all of the Premier Mortgage team we wish the best for Zach's recovery!!!! And the rest of the Nelson Family. Good Vibes always your way.”

— Todd Satre

— jan and john paul jones

“In honor of the ultimate warrior, Zack! One day at a time. Nancy and Gregg Carlson Cody and Samantha”

— The Gregg Carlson family

“In honor of Zack Nelson.”

— Derek and Crystal Icenhour

“In honor of Zack Nelson.”

— Hofer Family

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to Zack and his family.”

— The Kroll Family - AJ, Jason, Ben, Dan and Brenda

“In honor of Zack Nelson.”

— Supalla's and Puccini's

“Melena - praying for Zack's full recovery”

— Courtney Szews

“In honor of Zack Nelson. Our prayers are with you, Zack. The Hale family”

— Gail Hale

“In honor of Zack Nelson.”

— Lori Thiem, Steve's Sprinkler Systems