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May 16, 2021

Zach has now finished his first week of in patient rehab. He is steadily improving and is definitely tired by the end of the day. With any luck he will be home soon.  2 weeks ago he was a two person max assist to go from sitting to standing and now he is doing it with stand by assist of one person. He is walking with a walker and we began mat exercises today when I was with him in PT. They had been working on mobility issues and I really wanted him learning exercises he can do in bed once he comes home so he can increase his core stability and strength. We also began the process of re-evaluating where he wants to 
be with his life in another year because all steps lead us to that goal. Its a hard road because the process and medications are tough on the body and mind.  

The first blood drive inspired by his journey was held at the Westlake Firehouse yesterday and it was a huge success. 47 of 48 donors showed up and we had several  people show up who wanted to give t hat day (who we referred to the North Texas Orthopedics blood drive this Friday). I am so proud of Deanna Titzler and her family for all their hard work organizing this drive. Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!  Additional thanks go to our new friends at “Jeffrey Has Heart” who assisted in the blood drive and provided lunch for everyone. They are very active in supporting families of congenital heart disease patients and sadly this morning they informed us that they were helping a family, who’s daughter was battling a congenital heart defect, with her funeral arrangements as she had passed valiantly into God’s arms. Please, Keep them all in your prayers. 

This weekend I reminded Zach that his life has touched many people. That if he has ever wondered if his life has meaning he need not look very far. People are praying for him, some on bended knee and others just asking God to watch over him as they go through their day. More importantly they are reconnecting with God. Those who come from faith are reassured and for others, his experiences have removed any doubt of God’s existence. One blood drive is complete and three more are coming up in short order. As I left him to get rest for his next day I realized that he is really reminding us that all of our lives have meaning and that together we are doing things that make God smile and say well done my child. 

Bless you all

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  • Tracy Tarbet : Truly amazing news! Best gift ever Chris! Zach has been such an inspiration to so many people. A true testament of how good God is! Love you all..💜
  • Megan Bridges-Lankford : Thank you for the updates and way to go Zach! Every step forward is progress!!! And we all continue to pray for your healing and strength.
  • Anne Mulrenin : So good to hear updates on your progress Zach. And happy to hear about the successful blood drive. It is a great way for many of us to show support for your inspiring journey. May god bless you and keep you strong. 🙏🏻💕Love Aunt Anne
  • Kitty Johnson : Dr. Chris you have an elegant way providing to us expressing your heart felt emotions and giving us details of that in a way we can all understand the heart behind your words. We all pray for you and Susan as you watch your child go from near death to now starting a wonderful life ..we all pray for Zach for strength and perseverance as he struggles every minute to regain his new life . Yes, I believe God is smiling as well as the young donor, saying “well done my child “
  • Sherry Gaff : Continuing to pray! ❤️
  • Kelly Devoe : Keep up the great work Zach!!
  • Vicky Goble : Beautiful post. Prayers continuing for Zack and his family.
  • sharon sanden : God is good and God is great🙏
  • Karen Stoltenberg : Yes, we serve a mighty God! Well done, Titzler family! Continued prayer for the rehab process.
  • Rose Tucker : God is good, always!
  • Sandy Odom : Your in our prayers daily Zach .
  • Stephanie Strong : We can do all things THROUGH CHRIST! God doesn’t give us anything the HE can’t handle. Keep your faith. God has you every step of the way,
  • Maru Busico-Flight : Amen to all this! Blessings to all, and a special prayer for the girl's family. <3
  • Janice Yott-McPherson : The road to recovery is long however, with the strength of your family, friends and God you can do anything you set your mind to. Slow and steady wins the race. You will forever be in my prayers Zach. 🙏👉