Journal entry by T DiGiorgio

As we informed you here on Wednesday, Zac was discharged from Shepherd Center and has been at home since then.  He will start five-day a week outpatient rehab on Monday, September 10 at Shepherd Pathways in Decatur, GA.   We are so thankful for all Zac’s progress and continue to pray for his full recovery.  We still have some hard work ahead of us and we are ready!  He will have his cranioplasty sometime this fall.  We’ll let you know when that gets scheduled.  

Here is a message from Betsy and Chris:

Dear family, friends and all our supporters! 

       Words cannot express our gratitude to all of you who have helped us walk through this incredibly difficult time.   Your unceasing prayers and support have been invaluable.   Prayers were being said from literally all over the world.  People we don’t even know got involved and lifted up their prayers to God for Zac and for us.   A relic from Blessed John Licci (patron of brain injuries) was laid upon Zac as we prayed for him.  Families gathered together and prayed; it was beautiful.
   The many letters, birthday cards for Zac, anniversary cards for us, texts and phone calls immersed us with your compassion and love.  There is so much  for us to be thankful for ...... for the physical presence of so many filled with hugs and I love you’s, for those of you who shared your medical gifts and helped translate to us procedures and surgeries,  and for Laurel and Michele who spent the night with Zac in the hospital to monitor and pray over him.   There were meals brought to our home and meals brought to the hospital.  Our car was serviced, and our grass was cut (multiple times).  

     Your love for us leaves us with NO words.  Each of you are a gift to us. Collectively you gave us the bandwidth to be present for Zac, the doctors and each other.  We truly believe that with time and rest, Zac will make a full recovery.  God is good.

With love,
     Betsy & Chris
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