Marylin League|Aug 30, 2018
I am smiling so big.
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Sarah Sowards|Aug 29, 2018
Zac, Chris and Betsey, Gary and I are so happy for you all that Zac has been moved to rehab. You are all in our prayers every day and we will continue to pray for your strength and for Zac's speedy and full recovery.
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Phillip Digiorgio|Aug 28, 2018
Alice and I are so happy for all of you and the progress Zac has made , thanks for the talent of so many , thank for listing to our prays
Look forward to what Rehap brings us . We would love to help when we can . Love to all of you
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Jenny Pritchett|Aug 28, 2018
Praise the Lord!! So happy for Zach and family! What an awesome team he had! Love the pics!!
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Veronica Burroughs|Aug 28, 2018
Oh, thank goodness!! Shepherd is awesome... Just had great results there with my cousin’s husband earlier this year and is where I was diagnosed and see my Neurologist (since 1996). You got this, Zac! All the best for a full recovery.
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Debbie Childree|Aug 28, 2018
So excited to hear this!!! Praying for strength, courage, and perseverance for you Zac!
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Edith Woodling|Aug 28, 2018
See you at Shepherd. Best place to be ever for healing.
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Cathy Cochran|Aug 28, 2018
Great news! So grateful and thankful! T, you are a master with words and beautiful prayers. Thank you for the flow of information. Continued prayers for Zac🙏🏻
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