Journal entry by T DiGiorgio

Today, Moma Dear and I went to visit Zac.  It was a great visit as Zac has made great strides just since Monday.  Thanks to everyone’s many prayers, a wonderful medical team and maybe even some essential oils Betsy has been using, Zac is making progress every day.   He has been battling some sleepless nights this week, but did finally get a good night’s sleep last night.  

They took his chest tubes out (I believe that was Wednesday) which made him much more comfortable.   They also capped off the trach early today to see how he would do with just the oxygen going in his nose.    By late this afternoon, they decided he didn’t need the oxygen and he has been totally breathing on his own since then.   They will watch his numbers, but they think that he won’t need the oxygen anymore.  They will most likely take the trach tube all the way out on Friday.   He is able to eat some normal food now after passing all his swallow tests.  He has to take it slow and easy but understandably so since he’s been off solid food for so long.  We loved seeing all his wonderful progress and are so very grateful.    He even took a short walk down the ICU hall with some assistance.....he said, “well maybe it was a “shuffle” but it was great” and he is ready for more.  

Zac is looking forward to being at Shepherd Center.   He should be there by Monday of next week, if not even a little earlier.    They located  some You Tube videos of the center and found them very informative to watch and see where he will be doing his rehab.  Zac is anxious to start at Shepherd and has a very positive outlook on the way things are going.   He understands how fortunate he is to be able to do his rehab at Shepherd Center.   He understands most everything that has been going on and can tell you very much about all of it.   

Every doctor and nurse that walks through his door has said the same thing.....that this has been a miracle.  That Zac had so many things going against him and he made his way through them all.   Thank you dear Lord for your blessings and for answering prayers for Zac.  Please continue on this path with us and give Zac the strength and fortitude to continue in his recovery.   

The next post here should be from Shepherd Center!   Go Zac!  
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