Bernie Howell|Aug 22, 2018
So wonderful. We are all so relieved and have been on pins and needles. Thank you for updating us and much love to you all.
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rae faulk|Aug 22, 2018
Such great news!!! Thank you , Lord! Praying continually.
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Donna Alar|Aug 21, 2018
Betsy, Chris, Noah, and extended family and friends... Praise God from whom all blessings flow! How wonderful reading this latest update has been. Sounds like Zac is fighting FIGHTING and his team members are fighting right alongside him - FOR HIM! LOVE THIS!

I look forward to you guys getting to Shepherd. I am a volunteer at Shepherd and look forward to seeing Zac benefit from that amazing place.

In the meantime, please know that I am here to do ANYTHING I can for you. I don't really cook much, but I can pick up food all over town and deliver it to your door. I can also run errands with the best! Anything, just email me and tell me when and where. I'm your girl.

Meanwhile, my prayers continue for Zac, his Medical TEAM, and his devoted family and friends.

Donna Alar
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Edith Woodling|Aug 21, 2018
Thanks be to God and to the expert medical team.
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jane joiner|Aug 21, 2018
I am so relieved for y'all. What a great report. I'll keep praying for full recovery.
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Julie Lischer|Aug 21, 2018
This is so wonderful! Had to read it several times to take it all in! I am so happy to hear Zac has improved so much! Hugs to y’all as you have been through soooo much. Sending love and prayers for continued good progress!
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Bill Daugette|Aug 20, 2018
Way to go, Zac! Keep it coming , brother!
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michelle davidson|Aug 20, 2018
SO SO Happy!!!!!! This news made my day. Prayers continued!!!
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jeanne east|Aug 20, 2018
We are thrilled with God’s Faithfulness in answering ours and so many others in prayers for healing, restoration ....and celebrating each and every progress!! Praying without ceasing for more good news day by day!!
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Trish Hildebrand|Aug 20, 2018
Woo Hoo! answered prayers!
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