Journal entry by T DiGiorgio

We are back with great news on Zac.   First of all we want to say a prayer of Thanksgiving!  Dear Lord, thank you for waking us up this morning and allowing us to see a brand new day.  Lord we thank you for all the progress that Zac is making and will continue to make.   We would not be making it without you.  We thank you for giving Chris, Betsy and Noah the strength they need.  We thank you for all the specialists, nurses, doctors, techs and total staff that have been doing amazing work with Zac.  Our prayer is that you continue to be with us on this journey.  In Christ’s name we pray!  AMEN!

From Betsy:

Sunday was a huge day for Zac.  We say farewell to ECMO, this time for good.  Chris and Betsy can’t say enough about this company Innovative ECMO Concepts, Inc.  Their team is outstanding at what they do.  This literally saved Zac’s life along with so many others at WellStar Kennestone.   Check out more information if you’d like.  It’s quite interesting.

When Zac was taken off the ECMO he was awake during the procedure and can tell you about it.  They did give him some pain meds but was able to be decannulated without the ventilator, which is another first at Kennestone.   His ECMO nurse made good on her promise to take him outside in a special chair once he was off ECMO (see picture below).  It took some doing, but he was grateful for the field trip.   Yesterday marked 36 days since he had been outside so I am sure he really enjoyed that fresh air.  

There is also a picture below of the Vital Go Total Lift bed in action.  Zac has been so fortunate to have all this cutting edge technology available.   So amazing.   

He has another swallowing test today so we are all praying he passes so he can have a chocolate milkshake.  By the way, he HATES applesauce and claims that is why he failed the swallowing test the first time around since that’s what they tried with him.  

We are looking forward to our next adventure at Shepherd.  He really wants friends and family to visit once he gets there.  He is counting down the days.  Hopefully, it will be by the end of this week.  He is doing remarkably well and is slowly realizing how sick he actually was.

Thank you all for all your prayers and support!
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