Journal entry by T DiGiorgio

Hello everyone,
     Having not posted in a few days, I am trying to figure out where to start.  Last Saturday Zac developed the additional pneumothorax.  While waiting for that to heal the week went along without much to report.
  Zac did become more aware and alert as the week went on.   He figured out how to talk over the Trach.  At first he was a little hard to understand but then he got better at it and you could understand him well.    They do plan on having some sort of speaking device put on the trach.  Zac has been communicating well and responding to the nurses and doctors and Chris, Betsy, Noah, Diana and visitors.  Sometimes he’s funny and sometimes he’s agitated and keeps asking when he is going home.  The nurses and doctors say it is good for him to get mad will motivate him to do what he has to do to get better.  He doesn’t always like all the attention and people hovering and that is so understandable.   Physical Therapy has been coming and working with him.  

   Wednesday of this week,  things became more eventful.   On Wednesday, they decided that Zac was to get a new bed.  They brought in a Vital Go Total Lift Bed.  If you are interested you can check it out at   
The CICU had never had one of these before and everyone was excited to get this and see it work. This bed will allow Zac to benefit from tilting, being upright, and weight bearing sooner.  Zac was excited about it and ready for the change.  It was quite a process to change beds, but Betsy said Zac’s team figured it all out and got him moved.  There is even a specialist for the bed who came and trained them on how it works. These people are truly gifted and amazing at what they do.  

     Then today, Thursday, Zac had lung surgery where they performed a procedure that will hopefully help his lungs heal sooner.  It is way to complicated for me to explain mostly because I’m not fully understanding it.     It was a laparoscopic procedure where the Thorasic surgeon was able to help Zac’s lungs open more fully and stay that way.    There were some lesions they thought they would patch up but ended up not being necessary because they were not leaking any air. They inserted a new tube that will stay in for a few days.  He did not have to resect any of his lung.     All I know is that the x-rays of his lungs already looked better after the surgery than they did early this a.m.   I am sorry I can’t explain this better.  But the surgeon said it is up to Zac’s lungs now as to how his lungs progress.  They are cautiously optimistic that this will help Zac turn that corner with his ongoing lung issues.    So please, please continue to pray that Zac’s lungs respond and heal quickly!   During this surgery, they also removed the feeding tube from Zac’s nose and inserted it directly into his stomach.  That in itself will make Zac much more comfortable.  When they told him they were going to do this he didn’t stop asking about it for hours.  The also changed his trach to a smaller one so he can start eating foods in the next day or so.  This will also help so much with Zac’s comfort level and give him the pleasure of eating somewhat more normal again.  He will still also need the feeding tube.   

     And also....early today the Physical Therapist came in and worked with Zac before all this surgery stuff started.  She had him on his feet.  He initiated the movement to stand up and was following her instructions on correcting his posture while standing.  It may not sound like much, but this is a great accomplishment.   He has been doing this a few times this week.   

     So for now, I’ll leave you with a couple of Zacisms.....
One of the nurses, was assessing Zac a bit and asked him what time it was.    (There is a clock
           on the all where Zac can see it.) Zac’s response:  It’s time to go home!

   Another nurse was asking Zac which sport he had played.  He responded, “Baseball”
         Then the nurse proceeded to ask, “What position did you play?”
         Zac’s response:   “If you stand me up, I will tell you.”  

I think he’s said a few curse words here and there too....but he’s so frustrated and really wants to get out of there. And I know we can all understand that!  

I think Zac is gonna be just fine!  He’s making deals already with his team, he’s a little snarky and he’s got so many prayers being said for him by so many people.  He has a great team taking care of him; we keep saying how amazing they are, but it is so true and we all need to be saying prayers of thanks for them and all they do and how much they personally care for Zac.  

Posts on here may just come once or twice a week as things progress.  Zac still has a hard road ahead of him and it may seem slow but he is up for the challenge.  If there is a significant event we will, of course, make a post as soon as we can.   When he is ready he will be moved to Shepherd Center for rehab.  That is going to be an awesome day.   All that being said, I think it’s time to pray!

Dear Lord,
We have racked up quite a list of prayers that we present to you for our Zac.  Our worry cannot change the outcome of any concern, but You can!  We pray that your healing and miraculous touch would be over Zac and heal his lungs so he can move forward in his recovery.  We pray that your presence in these circumstances would make all the difference.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  AMEN
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