Thoughts & Well Wishes

Roxana Zito | Aug 25, 2018
Zac and family, 
We have had no idea and we are just figuring out about your accident and journey! We are so glad you are so strong but then your heritage is nothing but strong, resilient, group of people! As an outsider, to watch Joe’s family work and come together and to see the strong faith is an amazing example! T you are doing an amazing job with the posts and you explain things so well... I have been a nurse for 20 years and you have helped me dust off a few cobb webs from nursing school. It’s been a minute to think about ICP and the perils of ARDS.  We get so specialized in what we do. So know that you guys are always in our hearts and we will begin specifically lifting Zac and all of you up in our prayers too! Zac you have an amazing family... you come from a line of amazing people... and then you add the specialness of what God made you... all that together spells trouble for this injury! You got this! Hang in there!
Lots of love ~ the Zitos of Huntsville