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Updates to the Mail and Calendar apps tested on the Insider over the past two weeks. Microsoft has added a Fluent Design interface for Mail and Calendar on Windows 10. These updates are available to all users.
The new philosophy in the Fluent Design design system released in May tends to make the application interface more open and provide some special dynamic effects.
Microsoft added the Fluent Design interface to Mail and Calendar on Windows 10 product key with some subtle changes on the new design that made the Mail and Calendar apps look more eye-catching. The most prominent effects on the screen include Acrylic and Reveal in the menu in the left corner.
When you hover your mouse over each option, you'll see a light followed by the mouse pointer, which signals Microsoft's Fluent Design System. Light effects are even added to the surrounding options, providing users with hints for the borders around each option.
This Windows 10 update also brings a new "borderless" user interface, expanding content to the top corner of the application window. This is a fairly modern interface and there are no windows apps around.
According to the release notes on the latest version, users will have 1 photo used as background application:
- The Mail and Calendar app is visually designed with new look and wallpaper.
- Choose from hundreds of new colors to highlight your calendar.
Microsoft adds Fluent Design interface to Mail and Calendar on Windows 10
Users can expect Microsoft office 2010 product key to deepen, extend and add Fluent Design to many other applications in upcoming releases. Currently, updates to the Mail and Calendar app are available in version 17.8700.40485.0 for Windows 10 users.
With Windows 10 users generally, the theme for Win 10 is very simple, there are many beautiful themes under a variety of topics that you can download and install the theme for Win 10 on your computer.
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