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If you use Windows product key Vista, you can easily upgrade to Windows 7 RC, but if you're using Windows 7 Beta (or XP), you can not do this. The following article will guide you on how to do that.
Microsoft has released Windows 7 RC (release candidate) last week and is expected to have a free trial period of up to 13 months, a long time. The installation of this version is still ongoing for free download.
If you are using Windows Vista, during the installation, Windows 7 RC will give you the option to upgrade directly to this newer version. However, if you are using a pre-beta version of Windows 7 product key (Beta), you can not upgrade directly without installing a new one. This means that the programs and settings that are available on the old Windows will be lost if you install the new version.
The following article will guide you how to download the installation of Windows 7 RC and how to upgrade to Windows 7 RC from Windows 7 Beta.
Download iso installation file of Windows 7 RC:
To use Windows 7 RC, the first thing you need is the image file of the installation DVD and now Microsoft is giving its users free download this installation.
First, you go here, scroll down, select the language and the appropriate version (32-bit or 64-bit) and click the Go button.
Next step, Microsoft office 2016 product key will ask you to log in to download. If you already have a previous Windows Live account (such as MSN Hotmail, MSN Messenger ...), use it to sign in. In contrast, click on Sign up Now to register a new account for yourself.
In case of new account registration, after the registration is finished, you to the mailbox declared, click on the link to the download page Windows 7 RC. In contrast, if you have a Windows Live account, after logging in you will be immediately to the download page. Finally, click on Download Now to start downloading the iso installation file of the Windows 7 RC.
After the download is complete, use a burning program, such as CDBurnerXP to burn this ISO file to DVD. If this is your first time using Windows 7, you can follow the steps in "Installing Windows 7 with Available Windows Versions". However, the article below will only show you how to upgrade to Windows 7 RC from the Windows 7 Beta available.
Upgrading to Windows 7 RC from Windows 7 Beta:
If you are using Windows Vista on your PC, you can easily upgrade to Windows 7 RC without having to reinstall. However, if you are using a trial version of Windows 7 earlier this year, Microsoft does not support upgrading directly to the Windows 7 RC version.
In case you used Windows 7 Beta for a while, you have installed a bunch of applications, settings are saved on it, and now want to upgrade to Windows 7 RC to test what else I do not want to reinstall Windows because it will lose the applications and options that have been set.
Here are the steps you can take to upgrade directly from Windows 7 Beta to Windows 7 RC without having to reinstall or format your hard drive.
- First, download the installation iso file of Windows 7 RC as instructed above.
- Next, download and install the Virtual CloneDrive utility here. Virtual CloneDrive is a free utility that allows you to emulate an optical drive on your system and run a CD / DVD without having to burn it to a real disk. Once the installation process is complete, you open the My Computer window and see the drive named BD-ROM Drive, which is the virtual disk that Virtual Clone Drive has created.
- Right click on the virtual drive icon, choose VirtualCloneDrive -> Mout. Navigate to the location of the Windows 7 RC iso file you downloaded earlier. This will be similar to the way you burn iso files into the newly created virtual DVD.
- Open the virtual drive (right click, select Open, not double click). Copy all the files inside the disk to a new folder on your hard drive (or on the USB drive).
In this new folder, click on the Sources folder, find and open the cversion.ini file. The Notepad window containing the content of this file will appear. Find the MinClient entry in the file and edit its value to 7000. 
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