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Although the announcement will focus on two major editions, Microsoft is reluctant to abandon the old thinking when it comes to six different versions for the upcoming Windows 7 operating system.
All 6 versions will be released at the end of January 2010. The mainstream version, the most widely available for ordinary users, is called Windows 7 Home Premium, and the same for business customers will be Windows 7 Profesional. The two lower-level versions, Home Basic and Starter, will be sold only to computer assemblers, targeted to users in developing countries outside the US, Europe, and Japan. The Enterprise version is limited to "heavy" business partners, while Ultimate is full of features intended for loyal users who are willing to pay.
For comparison, when Windows Vista was released in January 2007, it had only four versions of Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate. Home Basic is the most controversial, as many users do not know this version lacking Aero eye-catching interface. Configured to run Vista with full features is also quite large difference compared to advertising, causing some angry users to sue Microsoft and partners.
Here are the main differences between the six versions of Windows 7:
Windows 7 Starter: lack of Aero interface, no more than 3 programs running at the same time (no running programs), lack of network management support and functionality for laptops.
Windows 7 Home Basic: lack of Aero interface, no software preview window when hovering over the icon in the taskbar, as well as sharing the Internet connection.
Windows 7 Home Premium product key: Aero interface support, multi-touch, multi-touch support for video & audio playback, support for local network creation.
Windows 7 Professional product key: supports sophisticated network creation and management features, convenient backup, smart printing, mobile features and presentations.
Windows 7 Enterprise: Similar to Professional, it adds some advanced security features such as Direct Acess, Bitlocker, AppLocker.
Windows 7 Ultimate product key: Full of all the features of the remaining versions, but there is no Ultimate Extra downloadable installer separately such as Vista Ultimate.
With that option, Microsoft remains confident that Windows 7 will "help users and partners make the easiest choice." The company also said that all versions of Windows 7 (including Ultimate) will run well on low-end laptops (netbooks). Although compact, the netbook has a relatively low profile, mainly for surfing the web, working documents and checking email.
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