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Microsoft office 2010 product key has declared that it will quit downloading Windows 7 RC tomorrow (20.8) to market the item to dispatch the official form on October 22, as per InformationWeek. 
Notwithstanding, Microsoft said that clients who have downloaded the rendition of Windows 7 RC before 20.8 will at present be permitted to utilize the working framework for the 1.6.2010. 
However, before that, from 1.3.2010 working framework will consequently close down following two hours to prescribe clients to burn through cash to purchase the official adaptation of Windows 7 working framework. 
Microsoft additionally suggests that clients ought not download adaptations of the Windows 7 professional product key working framework from vague sources. Regularly from record sharing administrations as BitTorrent as they will contain a great deal of infections, Trojans ... malignant influence the PC framework and the client's mystery.
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